HAIR, wonder more?

by QinfengYuanyang

How many hairs does each person have?
How long is the hair growth cycle?
Why do you lose hair?
How to get rid of hair loss problem?
If you know more then you won't be bothered by your hair.
Qinfengyuanyang hair
(1) The main component of hair is keratin, accounting for about 97%. Keratin is composed of amino acids; The keratin protein that constitutes the hair epidermis is composed of 20 kinds of amino acids arranged vertically.
(2) The structure of hair: each hair is composed of Cuticle layer, cortex layer and medulla layer. The cuticle layer is the outermost layer of the hair and usually consists of 2 to 4 layers of scales. The cuticle is usually translucent or colorless, so it allows the natural hair color to show through; the cortex makes up 80% of the hair, where the natural pigment is deposited, and the natural hair color appears because of it; the medulla is located on the head the center, which consists of many small bubbles.
Qinfengyuanyang hair
From bottom to top, hair can be divided into four parts: hair papilla, hair follicle, hair root and hair shaft. The physiological characteristics and functions of hair mainly depend on the hair papilla, hair follicles and sebaceous glands below the cuticle.
The hair papilla is the lowermost end of the hair follicle, where capillaries and nerve endings are attached. At the base of the hair follicle, epidermal cells are constantly dividing and differentiating
The function of the sebaceous glands is to secrete sebum, which is extruded through the sebaceous duct. Sebum provides natural protection for hair, giving it shine and water resistance.
The hair follicle is the part of the hair root in the dermis, which consists of the inner root sheath, the outer root sheath and the hair bulb. The inner root sheath is the sheath layer directly adjacent to the hair in the late anagen phase.
How many hairs does each person have?
--About a million hairs can grow in a person's lifetime.
Asians have about 100,000 to 150,000 hairs, while Europeans and Africans have about 150,000 to 180,000 hairs.
Hair Growth Cycle
1. The primary stage—growing cells germinate in the hair pailla and begin to divide.
2. Growth period---The average daily growth rate is 0.4-0.5mm.
3. Degenerate stage - slow growth and stop growing.
4. Telogen --- hair cells die and hair naturally begins to fall out.
Generally speaking, the life span of each hair is about 3-7 years. Under normal circumstances, 50-80 hairs are lost every day, and the optimal method of hair birth and the optimal rate of death are the same, that is to say, for every hair lost, there will be new hairs to replace.
Hair Loss
> Normal physiological phenomenon. Hair is in a state of dynamic balance. Even a perfectly healthy person will lose a certain amount of hair every day. As long as the overall hair volume is stable, it can be considered normal.
> telogen effluvium. In the case of season alternation or fatigue, the number of hair loss may be slightly more, but throwing no more than 100 hairs per day is within the normal range, and it usually recovers naturally after 1-3 months.​​
> Hair loss caused by excessive oil secretion. Some people, who are already oily skin types, are prone to hair loss. The reason is that too much oil blocks the pores, blocking the metabolism of the pores, blocking the hair follicles, and causing the hair to die.
> Inattentive diet can also lead to hair loss. Often, those who prefer fatty, spicy, and cold foods are more prone to hair loss. The reason is that these things can easily make the body produce too much fat, and the metabolism is also damaged, which leads to hair loss.
> Hair loss caused by endocrine disorders. This should be the main reason. It's proved that human hair loss has a great relationship with the estrogen in the human body. People with higher estrogen are more prone to hair loss. In addition, patients with thyroid diseases are often prone to hair loss.
> Decreased immune function can lead to hair loss. The immune function of the human body is a major barrier to protect the human body. When the immune function of the human body declines, many diseases will follow, and hair loss is one of them.
> Genetic reasons. Congenital hair loss is actually a very common cause of hair loss. These people usually have hair loss in their relatives such as parents or grandparents who are related by blood, and then pass on the gene to themselves. Often, congenital hair loss cannot be cured.
Natural anti-hair loss method: maintain an optimistic attitude, proper exercise, reasonable diet, and comb your hair frequently.
We will detail how to prevent shedding in other posts
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