What is a jewish kosher wig

by QinfengYuanyang

In the previous blog, we mentioned 3 categories of wigs:  Lace wigs; Mono wigs and Jewish wigs,their difference lies in the structure of the cap, the production process and grade of hair material.

Today, I am going to share about Jewish wigs. The related term in Hebrew is  (פאה), but you will found kosher wigs, custom-made wigs or sheitels; they all mean "Jewish wig". 

Jewish wigs are a symbol of modesty in Jewish culture, but have become popular for all women. In the beginning they were specifically designed to meet requirements set out by Jewish law that require married Orthodox Jewish women to cover their hair when outside of the home. As more and more married Jews learned about how wearing them did not violate any laws or contradicted other beliefs held within Judaism, these once-exclusive pieces became staples among many fashionable ladies around town as well!

Jewish wigs's hair  There are many different types of Jewish wigs, but high-quality Jewish wigs require a very specific customization. The hair needs to be the hair of a little girl, without dyeing, perming, and oiling, and the hair scales are not damaged. We call this hair virgin hair. In the hair market, this kind of virgin hair is called 12A . However, Jewish wigs still need to choose carefully among this kind of quality hair. There should be no gray hairs in each braid and can't have any yaki curly strands either; it must also all be uniform thickness without split ends, at the same time hair should be vertical and smooth with moisture.

Jewish wig hair from Q's hair

(Mongolian virgin hair material for Jewish wigs)

Hair that can meet this standard is already one in a million. Therefore, the price of Jewish wigs is much higher than that of other wigs. Seeing from the surface, there is not much difference between the wigs, but the quality difference can be compared in the later using.

Jewish wigs injected technology  Can you count the hair on your head? You can’t, but our manual workers can, because the process of making wigs is that they require the hair to be fixed to the net cap one by one in a knotted way. This is the process of making Mono and lace wigs. Jewish wigs need one more handcraft, the fixed hair should pass through the skin-like silk net, just as hair grows from the scalp.

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Although I have been in this industry for more than 10 years, in the face of changing market demands, I still need to learn. It took a long time to write this blog. I hope can share more refined knowledge next time.