how to choose a quality wig?

by QinfengYuanyang

Wigs have been a popular hair replacement option for years. Wearing a wig can be an easy way to maintain your hairstyle without the time or cost of haircuts and styling. but choosing the best quality wig is not always easy, because there are many things to take into consideration before making it.

For example, when looking for quality wigs, it's best to do some research and find out what type of material they are made from - human hair or synthetic fiber, this will help you make the right choice about which wig to buy.

Another thing that matters is how much money you want to spend on a wig?

In this blog post we'll talk more about different types of wigs, by knowing more about how wigs are made, choosing the right one will be easier than ever before.

Human hair wig and synthetic wig?

 There are many differences between human hair and synthetic wigs. Synthetic wigs can be made from nylon, polyester, and rayon. Human hair is always real as it comes from a living person's head! One of the biggest benefits to owning a human hair wig is that you don't have to worry about tangles or shedding like you would with a synthetic wig. You also don't have to worry about your new wig looking old and ratty in just weeks because it will last much longer than one made out of fabric or synthetic materials. Another big benefit is that you can re-make styles or colors with human hair wigs

Price reference:

synthetic wigs: all machine made synthetic wigs is about $5-$10;

                         Handtied synthetic wigs ranged from $20-100;

Human hair wigs: ranged from $100-$3000;

Black women wigs、white woman wigs and Jewish wigs

There has been a lot of talk about black women wigs and white woman wigs. Some people say that they are the same thing but others disagree, But judging from their general shopping habits, we think it is still different. For example, if a black women wang to buy a wig, we never recommend a Jewish wigs for her.

 Black Women Wigs market is huge as a black woman's hair is a big part of their identity. From the time they're little, the majority of women are taught that their hair should be long and thick. When it comes to natural hairstyles, there isn't much out there for black women with short or thinning hair. The only options seem to be extensions or wigs, so wigs have become a necessity for them.As a result, more and more suppliers have joined the supplying market. There are many brands of black women wigs on the market with varying prices. The styles of wigs are mainly in the natural and breathable lace wigs, normally, this kind of wigs needs tape or liquid glue when wear.

full lace wigs
Price reference: $80-500 (the length determines the price of the wig)


Full Lace wigs

White women wigs Wigs were popular among European women as early as 1660 and became increasingly common in America after 1795. Therefore, they have been wearing wigs for hundreds of years. During this period, the comfort of the style of cap structure and the matching of hair color are the focus of white women's attention,the popular hair color is different every year, thereinto, Mono and lace, fine welded mono combination becomes the main base material, as it needs not to use.  mono top wigs  


mono top wigs

Mono top wigs price reference:  $200-1000

Jewish wigs  wearing wigs is one kind of culture for orthodox Jewish women,The Bible requires women to cover their heads in public as an act of modesty and a sign that they are married. The style of the Jewish headgear is relatively simple, and the classic style has not changed much after decades. But no matter in terms of hair materials or manual craftsmanship requirements, Jewish wigs are the most stringent and the best, so the price is also the most expensive. normally ranged from $300-3000$

silk top jewish wigs
sheitel wigs


Of course, this way of dividing the types of wigs is not absolute. In recent years, more and more blacks women like various colors and craftsmanship of Jewish wig silk top, Showing a trend of mutual integration.

But how to choose a quality wigs? let us make conclusion

--Clarify your needs and budget for wigs

Look out for my next article soon as I discuss in depth all the different types of human hair used in wigs!