how often to wash your hair? everyday or one week?

by QinfengYuanyang

There is no standard answer to the topic of how often to wash your hair, because each of us has different hair types, and the shampoo and frequency of shampooing suitable for different hair types are different, but generally There are three types of hair types: oily hair, dry hair, and mixed hair. These three types of hair are basically everyone's hair types. The frequency of shampooing is also different for different hair.
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Oily hair: once a day
Hair quality is closely related to our food habits. Now many people eat relatively greasy food, which will lead to more vigorous secretion of oil on our scalp. In fact, oily hair is not because we are born with a lot of oil in the hair itself, but in our body. The scalp secretes a lot of oil, and the dust and other dirty things in the air are adsorbed on the hair together, which will make our scalp look very oily, and will cause the hair to become soft and collapsed, which looks very greasy. Without spirit, girls with less hair will cause their temperament to be lowered!

The most troublesome problem for people with oily hair is that they have just washed their hair, and it will become greasy in a short while, so they are very troubled, girls of this type must wash their hair frequently, and the hair quality is not easy to change, We can only solve the problem of hair oil from shampooing. can wash our hair once in one to two days, so as to make the hair less contaminated with some oil secretions as much as possible, so as to keep the hair clean and fresh. If washing hair too few times, not only will the hair become greasy, but it will also lead to blocked hair follicles and dandruff, which will be even more difficult to solve at that time!

Neutral or dry hair: once every 3 or 4 days.
How to tell if your hair is dry? Dry hair is actually the opposite of oily hair. Oily hair is very easy to get oily, while dry hair is the type that is very easy to dry and frizz. It will fry from time to time, which is as difficult as oily hair. Girls with dry hair often encounter the problem of split ends, and it is very difficult to comb their hair, and it is always easy to get knots, so it is very difficult to take care of. People with dry hair have less scalp oil secretion, so they are very dry and prone to dandruff. If you can't solve this problem in time, it will lead to more and more dandruff and more hair. It's getting dry and frizzy, and there will be static electricity in winter!

People with dry hair have a hard time getting oily hair. It may be frizzy on the first day after washing, and it may be more suitable on the second day. It will only become oily on the third and fourth day. So in summer, can wash hair every two to three days. In winter, it's dry, can wash hair every three to four days!

Combination hair: wash your hair every 2-3 days
Combination hair is special between dry hair and oily hair, but it is very common. It usually shows that the scalp is very oily, but the hair tips are very dry. The most common problem for people with this type of hair is hair loss, and it is difficult to maintain a moderate hair condition in summer and winter, so it is more troublesome to care for them. Therefore, for people with this type of hair, the frequency of shampooing should be based on seasonal conditions.

People with mixed hair types generally wash their hair every 3 days in the mild spring and autumn, and choose to wash their hair every two days in summer and winter. Just apply some conditioner to the ends of hair.

People with mixed hair can only blow the roots when blowing their hair, do not use hot air to stimulate the scalp, otherwise it will cause the scalp to be sensitive and itchy, and it is best to use a shampoo suitable for neutral hair that has the cleanliness and moisturizing function together .

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