by QinfengYuanyang

First-time wig users often find themselves overwhelmed when looking at all of these options to customize their wigs: length, color shade, thickness/texture type...It's like going into an art store that sells crayons without knowing which one might suit your needs best - even if you're experienced in using them! But don't worry; I'm here to help guide you through this daunting task step-by-step so that we can get started right away before anything else gets any more complicated than necessary.

Firstly, You can open the link to see a densely packed of Custom wig order form Basically includes three parts: cap, hair and size. If you understand the terms and conditions mentioned on this form, you can customize a wig for your own in just a few minutes; if it is not very clear, then you can fill out this form under the guidance of the salesperson , You can get it done in one meal.


First part: CAP

      The cap will determine the use time of the wig, the convenience and comfort of wearing, For example, if you have hair, then better to order cap with clips, for bald users, recommend to use lace base or non-slippery silicone + lace cap, normally, the seller have their cap base picture for choosing.

      Mono top is the most strong base, Lace is very thin and natural and breathable, Silk top is the most undetectable.


Second part: HAIR

      Many wig users dislike Chinese hair very much. They think that Chinese hair is not good. I just want to say that this is a prejudice, not a fact. However, many wig suppliers are reluctant to explain this, so that there are now many Brazilian hair, European hair, Russian hair, Mongolia hair, and even from A to, amazing. , I’m thinking about whether I want to expose this fact. After thinking about it for three seconds, I think I still don’t want to be an enemy of wig users all over the world, Any hair you want.

      About the length, color, I think a picture is enough to tell your supplier what you want. of course, for the first-time wig users, still need to talk with sales person, better!


The third Part: SIZE

       This is one of the most important factors in making a custom wig, because the specific size allows the wig to fit your head shape highly. So, Attention! according to the measurement method in the table,  measure carefully your head size.


If you have completed the above form, congratulations, you have customized your own wig


Enclosing the order form of the wig as picture