How to dyeing the wig? know more tips before dyeing

by QinfengYuanyang

If you are not satisfied with the wig you purchased, or you want to make a unique wig for your client, you need to make some changes to the color and shape of the wig. Here are some precautions for dyeing the wig, I hope it can help Guests in need.


1: Apply conditioner before dyeing to prevent the dye from staining the cap of the wig.


2: When dyeing wigs, try to avoid cool colors such as red, black and purple, which are especially easy to stain the cap of dirty wigs. Brown is recommended, which is safer.


3: Before dyeing your hair, look at the quality of your hair. If you dye your wig faster than your own hair, you can spray some cool water to slow down the coloring process.


4: Rinse well, otherwise the residual dye cream will stain the cap.


5: Cool colors need bleaching, virgin hair is not afraid of bleaching, but it will also damage some hair quality and feel dry. It depends on your choice.


6: If the cap of the wig is accidentally stained, wipe it with a cotton swab with 84 disinfectant, which can slow down, but it is impossible to completely remove the color. There is no other way.


7: Before dyeing the wig, make preparations in advance, and think that it will be stained. In the end, if the wig is not stained or stained a little, it will be very happy. . . . .


Finally, dyeing wigs is more professional, and wigs are not cheap. It is best to leave it to an experienced hairdresser, which is safer and safer.



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