How to wear the wig and do the daily maintenance?

by QinfengYuanyang

Are you a hair salon owner? wig users?  Or have you been wondering how to use wigs in the most effective way possible? For these questions, we're here to help.

Wigs can be a great option for those who are balding or have hair loss. They offer the opportunity to change your look without changing your identity. If you've never worn a wig before, there are some things you'll need to know about how to wear them and maintain them properly.

When you receive the wig the first time, you must carefully check whether the net cap of the wig is intact and the size of cap fit for your head, as it is basic of wig, unless you want a repaired new wigs.

If there is no problem, then the next step is how to wear a wig. I believe you have seen a lot of videos on how to use a wig before buying a wig. If you haven’t, please go to youtube to get a general understanding.

What am I going to say? Say some things you must pay attention to when using wigs:

First: Before wearing a wig, tie your own hair as close to the scalp as possible, otherwise it will affect the effect of wearing it. You can use a special net cap for wigs to isolate/fix your hair.

Second: For the first time you use it, we recommend going to the salon to trim the hairstyle that suits your face. If you must trim it yourself, then we recommend placing the wig on the model's head for styling before use.

Then, press the front hairline of the wig with your fingers on the correct hairline of the head, drag the back nape of the wig with the other hand until the wig is at the corresponding position on the head, and then hold the ears on both sides of the wig with hands, make slight adjustments to the left and right until the wig fits the head completely.

Finally, close the clip on the wig and fix the wig.


Wig maintenance

Some wig users can use it for 5 years, but some can only use it for 1 year or less. Perhaps they are more wealthy. But how to make wigs last longer, I believe this is what most wig users want to know.
Under normal circumstances, we will tell users that it depends on the frequency of your wearing and daily maintenance. Some users directly use the washing machine to wash the wig, while others carefully care for the wig like a child. The result is definitely different. 

There are a few things to note:

First, DO NOT use a washing machine to wash wigs. This is a violent act and disrespect for the labor of our staff.

Second, keep the inner cap of the wig upward, soak the hair in a soft water basin with shampoo, and gently rub it along the direction of the hair. Avoid violently rubbing the wig with both hands.

Third, when the hair is tangled, do not rush to comb the hair from the root of the wig, because when the wig is in a wet state, the knots will loosen, and the hair cuticles will increase friction at this time, making it easier to be tangled; The correct method is to start a few inches above the ends and brush downwards, then comb the root of the wig from top to bottom. what's more important, one hand should firmly grasp the net cap of the wig with hair roots, also it is best to use a wide-tooth comb to comb it in water, it will go smoothly unexpectedly.

Next is the normal process of washing the wig. Generally speaking, we don’t recommend to soak the wig in water for a long time. This will make the wig not strong enough and it will be easier to lose hair.


More tips

> You can also dry the wig with a blow dryer on low heat while brushing it out thoroughly with a wide tooth comb or brush

> You can use essential oils to keep your hair smooth and shiny, but don’t use too much hair styling products on wigs

More tips please follow us!


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