The dangers of bleached your own hair!!!

by QinfengYuanyang

The DANGERS of dyeing your own hair

Hair damage: Bleaching and dyeing hair is more harmful to hair. Bleaching requires the use of natural or artificial dyes for bleaching, while hair dyeing requires the use

of hair dyes containing various chemical substances. These will cause a lot of loss of protein and water in the hair, making the hair dry and frizzy and easy to break;

Characteristics of dry hair: frizz, easy to break and tangle, no tension, split ends

Scalp damage: In the process of bleaching and dyeing hair, these chemicals will not only cause damage to the hair, but also stimulate the scalp.

Allergic reactions: For some people with more sensitive constitutions, whether bleaching or dyeing hair, these chemicals may cause local allergic reactions, mainly manifested as scalp redness, itching, and even erosion and exudation. If this happens, it is recommended to seek medical attention in time, and do not bleach or dye your hair.

What can you do if you want to change? choose a wig instead of dyeing hair.

The wigs are made of the best real human hair. After many high-temperature sterilization treatments, wigs are the least harmful choice to the human body compared to dyeing your own hair.

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