What should do when get your new wigs via online shopping?

by QinfengYuanyang

Maybe you already have a lot of online shopping experience....

Or this is your first time of online shopping....

Remember: when you get your package, you must to do

the wig should be checked immediately to see if it is intact, but what is the quality standard? Such as hair quality, wig length, wig color......

The key factor of wigs

1. Hair quality
No matter where the hair comes from, there are grades, including virgin hair and remy hair, non remy hair, we will distinguish these types of hair in future posts.

2. The length of the wig
you can measure the hair length from nape of wig and add 8", that is the length of the whole wig, you may ask why you add 8", check next next ....

3. The color of the wig If you confirm the color by the picture, then there is more or less difference which is acceptable in our opinion. But if the difference is too much, or the color is uneven or the hair is badly damaged, it may be a quality problem.

4.The last one but most important thing is: the comfort of wearing. Includes the size of the wig, the internal accessories of cap, the structure of cap, etc. Our company's wigs are all elastic, but there is also a
reference size. : S, M, L For example, if your head circumference is 54cm, you can choose M from our company. Of course, these should be communicated to the supplier before purchase. But if you are extremely uncomfortable wearing it, be sure to report it to the supplier in time so that they can help you solve it Please follow us, we will explain each of them in detail in the follow-up.


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