which Length of Jewish wigs suits you?

by QinfengYuanyang

Perhaps you will meet a salesperson asking whether you want A18" or B18". What does this mean? It's easy to understand for people who operate wigs businesses, but not so obvious for wig users and those just starting out. This is an important thing! Why are there so many different letters of the alphabet in wig sizes?

Some of you like full hair of wig bottom, right?
And some of you like silk straight with layer?
If you don't undersand this, maybe you spent much more money on the wigs.

The professional Jewish wig factory combined with the order requirements from customers over many years has resulted in roughly summarizing 3 different levels: small layer, no layer, large layer, slowly we are used to using A, B, C instead of text description.


It is easy to understand from the perspective of the producer. Because our head is a three-dimensional shape, a wig is usually divided into the front, middle, top, temple, side abd back. Different lengths of hair are used for different parts to form a wig with different effects.

But wig users and people who are just beginning to operate wigs business still don't understand, or they don’t want to know what A18" is. They just want the sales staff to tell them how much this particular wig in photos cost? We often encounter the following condition.

"After comparing the quotations of several suppliers, the buyer chose a cheap one. After receiving the goods, he found that it was not what he wanted. Because there were too many short hairs in the wig, the seller told her that it was 18"."

Yes, the seller is right. On the whole, this is indeed an 18", but it is not the 18" you want. The price difference between styles A, B, and C can reach 50%. For example, no layer 18" (B) is 670$, while large layer 18" (C) is only $385, OMG


Does the picture help you distinguish A, B, and C styles? A style can see some short hair, B style does not have short hair, and C model has very little hair at the bottom. (most of the lace wigs seen on the market use C style) Seeing this, I believe no one will order C, some of you may said to cut the bottom, yes, many of you did this before I know, but you don't know C10" can be cutted to be a  A12" or B10",  but you spent extra $30, which does not include the hairdresser's fee. when you choose right length of wigs, C style is most beautiful, let's see the following pictures.


The longer the length of the hair, the fuller the bottom, especially for curved wigs. It is strongly recommended to make C-style wigs.

In brief, if you want to straight, better to order C14" at least, but if making wave, C14" is enough, this methord can help you to economize money, BUT, if you still like full bottom, we recommend you to order B style

Knowing more, follow us!  

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